About Jonathan

I have over 15 years of corporate digital experience, from communication, procurement, social and collaboration tools. The common theme in my career has been about efficiency: how digital tools can make corporate lives easier, quicker and better. Read about these topics and more on imjon.com, or get in touch and ask.

Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace are the productivity, communication and collaboration tools we all use – company-supplied or employee-sourced – as part of our work day. There’s a spectrum of evolution: company provided tools and services with paper and people-led processes, to the bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) and bring-your-own-services (BYOS) workplace. More here and at intranetizen.com

Social Enterprise

Where are you on the social enterprise spectrum? Many organisations have yet to open the firewall to social media and others have embraced social tools and have woven them into their processes. Social tools are the future of work, helping companies realise their collaboration potential and reduce the burden on email. I’ll share my views here.

Digital Communications

I’ve worked in communications for over a decade, initially in change communications before switching to digital communications around 7 years ago. I’ve had to learn two languages — business and technical — learning to write and speak both and translate between the two. I’ve specialised in intranet, signage and .com technologies, managing many award-winning programs. I’ll share my insights on both internal and digital communications on the site.


There are many dangerous misconceptions of gamification. Maybe you’ve heard it’s something to do with badges, or that it’s about asking colleagues to play games, but the central tenet is understanding game theory and applying that the workplace. Games are fun, motivating, productive and engaging – ultimately things we would all love our jobs to be. I’ll write more about this concept here and over at intranetizen.com