#Intranet quotes that shape my work

Every day, I have the privilege of sharing with an extensive and growing intranet community on LinkedIn and Twitter. As I share; I learn. Today I’m posting a collection of quotes from leading intranet practitioners and thought leaders worldwide that I have influenced my thinking.

On Intranets in General

An #intranet manager needs to know more than just the intranet, they need to be across the business system, external comms, HR & legal too (@bridiemarie)

Search is the central intranet resource. How else will great content, people and functionality be found?

Don’t forget the humans! (@brookcalverley)

A revolution doesn’t happen when we adopt new tools, it happens when we adopt new behaviours. (@cshirky)

If the intranet is built by your constituents, and you’ve given them what they want, you’ve increased the odds they will embrace it by tenfold, … The best thing to do is work backward from your customer

21st century employees want to be engaged and trusted. We get work done when and where it makes sense! (@Risgaard)

Employees deserve first-class tools if we’re to have first-class expectations of them

If you’re not measuring [your intranet], it’s just pretty pictures and prayers. (@ivanbager)

An intranet can also be fun (@lukemepham)

You should’t need a manual to use the intranet! (@bsandie)

On Knowledge Management

Knowledge is worth more when shared

We should each know what we all know (Brian Bawden, Bennett Jones)

If the intranet helps you find an expert, a person, then you don’t always have to find info, suggests (@wamurgis)

Email is the place knowledge goes to die (Bill French)

On Governance

Governance is a form of negotiation: control, politics, flexibility and common sense (@MarkMorrell)

Link your intranet strategy to your business strategy (@wedge)

On Social Intranets

Social Business [is about] Connecting knowledge keepers to knowledge seekers (Sarah Goodall)

Culture not technology (@lukemepham)

The very best intranets engage in a dialogue. They engage employees (@http://twitter.com/#!/@tobyward)

Good communication is based on conversations. Therefore, it is natural that internal comm encourages more dialogue. (Peter Straarup, Danske Bank CEO)

If I’ve mis-attributed, please let me know. If a quote is anonymous, it’s because I’m unsure where I’ve heard it (or it might be that they’re my quotes that other people have told me have helped their thinking)