14 Tips for Intranet Employee Profiles

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Many intranet commentators have noted the importance of accurate employee profiles in building the enterprise human network and fostering a culture of collaboration. People are at the heart of your business and should be at the heart of your intranet.

Identifying the fields that resonate with your business is an art (and will be the subject of a future post), but encouraging your employees to complete their profile is a ubiquitous challenge for all intranet teams. Here are a few ideas that will help.

Tactics for all data

1. Reduce the data workload on the employee by sourcing as much as you can from your ERP system. Look to connect your intranet with Active Directory and your HR tool

2. Add “Your profile is x% complete” text to all profiles. This tactic seems loved and unloved in equal measure but its efficacy is never in doubt.

3. Run in-house competitions for the 50th and 500th profile to be fully completed. You’ll need to tweak the numbers to work for your company. Get them to add a tag word for easier tracking.

4. Ensure that a complete intranet profile is a pre-requisite for entering company competitions. Add this to the terms and conditions

5. Run intra-department (or location) competitions for the % of employees with a completed profile. Create a league table and publish this prominently on your intranet. This also encourages colleagues to cajole others into action.

6. Demonstrate the value! Run intranet news stories showing how the profile data connected people and lead to business success.

Tactics for Adding Photos

7. Use the employee security badge photos. Whilst these are generally awful, every employee will have one. Correspondents have noted that in some countries — United Kingdom for example — you may not be able to do this without retrospective authority from the employee themselves. For new hires, ask them to approve intranet usage when they join.

8. Take a photographer round to each desk and take a photo. These are likely to be better than the security photos. Again, don’t forget the authorisation forms. Consider sending a photographer to staff conferences or inductions.

9. Whilst unlikely to be culturally acceptable in all organisations, consider running a profile photo theme to make this process less arduous. Hats, moustaches — be inspired and your employees might be too.

10. Ask colleagues to provide photos of each other! If the employee themselves doesn’t upload one, their colleagues get to nominate a photo of their choice instead.

11. Run a competition for the 50th, 500th photo to be added.

Now, encouraging people to use the profiles

12. Run a “Where’s Wally / Waldo?” competition where one employee has a replacement photo. Employees must search to find the right one.

13. A data treasure hunt. Working with a group of employees, add clues across a series of profiles that creates a chain to an answer.

14. Publicise the best intranet connection stories on your news section.

I hope these are of some help. Please share any additions or successes you have in your business.