Watermarks Project

Watermark Project projection on Bristol building
Watermark Project projection on Bristol building
Stumbled across this excellent project which serves to bring the subject of climate change to life.

(Note too my choice of words: Global Warming it might be for some, but others may see temperatures fall and here in Britain, it’s somewhat of an unknown which way it could fall).

So what if the ice melts eh? A few penguins cannot reproduce due to the lack of sea ice, hardly the end of the world. The reality for many of our cities is somewhat more striking in truth.

For millennia, we have been settling near seas and rivers due to the fertility of the soils, the wide availability of food and, in more recent centuries, due to the trading opportunities afforded. As a result, 1 in 10 of the world’s population lives within 30feet of sea level, two-thirds of us live within 100km of the coast.

Consider then these images of projections on buildings in my home town. Parochial certainly, but never the less striking.

Read more at watermarksproject.org