Dear Bank Manager, I’m writing to ask for money…

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After 10 years of planning, 3 years of building and countless months of expectation, they opened the Apple store today in my home town, just for me.

Surrounding my new Apple Store at Cabot Circus, the developers have helpfully built over a 100 new stores to keep other people entertained, such as Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and other usual suspects. Honestly, they’ve done a wonderful job — it actually feels like a place I would tolerate shopping in.

But the new Church of Saint Steve Jobs is a lovely addition to my city and one that I and my bank balance may regret. Despite my not needing anything, I lust over small shiny Appley objects and I fear that shop is going to see a good few of my hard earned pounds over the next few years.

Oh dear.

[The image is of one of the 1000 t-shirts that the store gave away today. I didn’t try and get there since it was during work hours and the crowds would have been stupid. When I go, I need peaceful solitude to saviour the shiney]