Moonrise on Mull

Moonrise on Mull
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We’ve just arrived on the Isle of Mull for a week of Hebridean rest, but given where we are on the project at work, I’ll not be able to wind down completely and avoid the beck and call of conference calls and emails.

It’s very lovely to be back again — I lose count of the number of weeks I’ve spent here and I’m reminded just how beautiful this country really is. I’m sure that beauty is is due to the quality of light here. From where I sit, with the island’s largest town a mile away, there is very little light pollution and the stars are incredibly bright. The moonrise tonight was spectacular.

Two small projecst to complete this week : Become Patrick Bossert and learn how to complete the Rubik’s Cube (I’ve had 23 years to learn and I feel somewhat lazy). The other is to practice some long exposure photos of running water to see if I can’t get that smooth, silky look. Watch out for examples soon!

Impossibly, it’s also 5 years today since my Mum died. She’s greatly missed.