Stig (the cat) and P (that’s me)

Stig and P
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Today’s picture is of a good friend’s cat looking at my facebook profile. I know, what chance!

Let me put young Stig’s mind to rest. The reason I was ‘bloomin annoyed’ today is because of an agency that we’re using for work. It’s worth saying from the off that they are good, actually, they are brilliant, but they are just not getting to grips with the brief. Their bill is daft!

As a result, they’re looking to charge me a shade over a million dollars for some IA and content strategy work – for around 50 pages of content. I think that’s $20k a page. The message ends with ‘off’. You can choose the first word.

So that was my day, highs and lows. Good news, bad news. I can’t wait until I have a full day of good news… but I think that’s coming.