The cassette is reborn

Cassette Wallet

Yesterday, the BBC here reported on the demise of the audio cassette – Curry’s (UK) sold just 100,000 cassettes last year, versus 83million in 1989 and so they’ve been pulled from the shelf, never to be sold again.

Do you even have a tape player anymore? A cassette walkman maybe? So what are you going to do with all those cassettes that you’ve got hanging about?

Marcella Foschi is the creator of the cassette wallet that you see above. Just stitch in a zip and you’re done! You can get your own for a mere $43 using this hyperlink that I’ve installed. Slightly better and more useful might be a business card holder – split the cassette, remove the tape, remove the spools, screw in a hinge on the top and a clip on the front… maybe I should set up a business.