Politest place in Britain


According to a recent audit by the kings of audit, the National Audit Office, Bristol is seen by its residents as having the lowest anti-social behaviour levels.

That’s government speak for you which translated means that Bristol is the friendliest, politest, nicest place in the country to live, as voted by its population. You can read more here.

If you’re planning on visiting the UK, the placest to avoid are :

Corby 48.8
Mansfield 44.4
Hackney 42.7
Nottingham 42.7
Luton 42.7
Slough 42.0
Ashfield (Notts) 41.2
Knowsley (Merseyside) 39.2
Middlesbrough 39.3
Easington (Durham) 38.9

You’ve been warned. Come to Bristol – statistically pleasant.