Wikiasari to rival Google?

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the Wikipedia organisation, has announced plans to launch a search engine based on the same wiki technology.

Named Wikiasari (‘Wiki’ from the Hawaiian for quick, and ‘Asari’ from the Japanese for rummage), the service will be launched on first. It was first mooted under the Wikia name some time ago.
Personally, whilst I’m sure Mr Wales sees Wikiasari as a great opportunity to make a few million dollars of the back of his current not-for-profit companies, if Wikiasari is anything like the quality of the search on Wikipedia, then I can’t see people queueing up to use it. A search engine that fails to recognise “Jonathan” as being the same as “jonathan” is painful.

And named after the Japanese for rummage? When I rummage, it’s a rather uncoordinated search process with several shouts of :

Will this do, Hazel?

Will it make money? You bet. Will it rival Google? That I seriously doubt.