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My definition of the Digital Workplace:


“The devices and services, company provided or employee sourced, that the employee chooses to use to do their job”



Kill email? No, devolve it

If I was email, I’d watch my back! Every day, another company launches another tool specifically designed to kill me. I’d be unbearably paranoid about the “teens who no longer use email”. I’d weep at the…

I use free public wifi when I have no 3G/4G. So why do O2 use an authentication code, sent via SMS, to access their free wifi? No signal, no SMS, no authentication code, no wifi. And no wifi because no code. Seriously, think about it.


Intranet Now

I’m delighted to have been asked to speak at the inaugural Intranet Now conference in London in September. My congratulations to Wedge Black for getting this important project off the ground.