Public and Third Sector Experience

[cd_row][cd_column width=”span4″ animation=”enable=on&animation=fadeInLeftBig&delay=100″][cd_teammember name=”Rainbow Centre” twitter=”@rainbowcentre” position=”Co-Chair of the Board” image=””]

I’m co-chair of the board of trustees and directors of the Rainbow Centre for Children, a small Bristol based children’s charity. The dedicated and talented team there help children and their families deal with the tragedy of death or life-threatening illness with therapy and counselling. The service we provide is entirely for free and sadly in high demand. Find out more at the Rainbow Centre website.

[/cd_teammember][/cd_column][cd_column width=”span4″ animation=”enable=on&animation=fadeInUp&delay=100″][cd_teammember name=”UBU” twitter=”ububristol” position=”Chair of the Board” image=””] I’m Chair of the Board of Trustees and Directors at the University of Bristol Students’ Union, an independent charity and company that helps University of Bristol students create a world class student life for themselves. The brilliant team of permanent staff and elected officers do incredible work providing world-class services and support to 22,000 students. Find out more at the UBU website [/cd_teammember][/cd_column][cd_column width=”span4″ animation=”enable=on&animation=fadeInRightBig&delay=100″][cd_teammember name=”University of Bristol” twitter=”@BristolUni” position=”Member of Court; Communications Advisor” image=””] I graduated from the University of Bristol in the mid-90s and have kept in touch ever since. Currently, I serve as a member of University Court, the highest governance body of the University and I’m also a communications advisor assisting with both internal and external communication strategy and execution on a pro bono basis. Find out more about the University of Bristol at their website. [/cd_teammember][/cd_column][/cd_row]