HR portal launches

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Yesterday was another auspicious day for our work intranet as at 06:00 EDT, we launched the new HR portal section bringing self-service tools to our employees.

Culturally, it’s a major change. We’ve shifted from a traditional HR model (providing local HR experts aligned to functional teams) to a centralised support model with aligned self-service intranet facilities.

The intranet aspect of this launch has been an major undertaking. It has seen us switch from a simple simple SharePoint iteration to a multi-variation model to manage the various language options across our geographies (US English, US Spanish, Canadian French, Canadian English, UK English, French, Belgian French, Belgian Dutch and Dutch).

A few facts to share:

  • Switch from 1 to 9 SharePoint variations
  • New menus to accommodate HR content
  • 2000+ pages of multi-lingual content
  • 12 Integrated SAP HR transactions
  • New “MyLinks” section to enable web bookmarking
  • Integrated employee benefits functions
  • Integrated job search functions
  • New “workbench” page
  • Enhanced employee profile page

This new launch is a major piece of work and a huge step change for our intranet which, up until now, has largely been a communication and collaboration vehicle. As good as that content was, our employees had no “compulsion to visit”, meaning the site was mostly for browsing rather than for action.

Bringing transactions to the portal adds that employee “compulsion to visit” which will have knock on value for the news articles and executive communications. In the long run, I hope that our employees will that the ease of information access and flexibility of use will outweigh the negatives of not having an HR expert immediately to hand — but only time will tell.

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the initial feedback :)