Project Silly Season

Self Portrait
Originally uploaded by jonthegeologist

There comes a point in every project when silly season starts — it started for me 2 weeks ago. I’ve pinpointed the reasons and I’ll be clear to watch for the signs in the future.

When all is going well on a project, when the timelines are bouncing along nicely and budgets are being met, there’s a danger that project complacency kicks in. The complacency often manifests itself as over confidence in our ability to deliver and essentially, sneak in some promises which are above and beyond the original scope. Silly season leads to panics about managing expectations and about project timelines.

If you’re on a project and it’s going well, just warn against silly season. I’ve had a headache this week undoing the fallout.

Today’s photo, like others, was taken whilst I tapped away on my computer in my office. Figured out what’s wrong?