Visions and plans

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I’m in the middle of leading a project at work that reaches it’s first major delivery point next week. We’ve taken good time with key sponsors to ensure that we’re clear on their vision — and our delivery plan meets that vision.

Salient lessons learnt this week though and if truth be told, it’s a lesson that I’d prefer not to have learnt. My internal customer has placed a new demand on the project which, in my view, jeopardises the rest of the deliverables. Privately, I fume but as a professional, I’ve just got to get on with it.

A great vision overlayed with strong direction helps define the plan. Spend good time to work with that vision and make sure it’s all emcompassing – cover every base. Be flexible if you need to, but ensure that your sponsors understand and own the consequences every much as they will bathe in the glory of the finished article.

Gah. Leaders!