Shopping in IKEA Bristol

Seriously, customer service is going to absolute pot in this country. I despair sometimes at the highs and lows experienced, often in the same visit.

The high point: We received a text message from IKEA Bristol saying that a cot we’ve been after for months had finally arrived in stock. That is fantastic service and is to be applauded.

The low point: We then made a special journey to IKEA on the back of the text message only to find that whilst it was technically in stock, it was certainly not available, sitting as it was high up on a shelf, far too high for a customer to shop it.

The high point: I complained. Strongly. Stated that it was ‘crazy’, ‘foolish’, ‘ridiculous’, ‘unfair’ that we had made a special journey on the back of a text message only to find that we couldn’t get the cot we needed. The staff looked sheepish and started ringing people. Eventually, after explaining to the store manager that there was an ‘incident’ (nice! I’d caused an incident!), the staff were given permission to get a ladder and get it down.

Shopping really shouldn’t be this hard. Customer service really shouldn’t be this contrary.