ubuntu goes mobile

ubuntu logo

Having teamed up with Dell earlier in the year to offer their customers free, pre-loaded linux based OS, ubuntu have now announced another tie-up with Intel. And so what, you ask?

Without the burden of being deskbound, or having to lug a laptop around, mobile computing will dramatically change the way we access the internet and how we collaborate and communicate. Key to ensuring mobile computing success is the size, speed and power efficiency of the unit, and of course the quality of the screen. [Discussed here]

Intel with ubuntu have developed a chip that is just 1/7th of the size of a PC based chip and uses just 10% of the energy. That will allow your handheld device’s battery to last longer without increasing the size. Add to that ubuntu’s linux-based operating system and you will also manage down the costs.

All of which will help to bring workable mobile devices that are internet-enabled which in turn, could change the way in which people collaborate and communicate over the internet.