The best song ever is?


An office conversation went a little like this : What’s your favourite song? It’s virtually impossible for me to answer. It’ll depend on the time of day, the time of year, my mood, so much. Easier, although not without heart-searching, is to name my top 20. I’ll do that another time for you.

One criteria I have used to identify a ‘top track’, is it’s versitility. Tracks that stand up to the mauling of a cover version are, in general, good tracks. Stronger still are those tracks that seem to survive cover into a different genre. Some are even revived by the process.

And so it was that I came across four excellent cover versions in the last year or so, all of which take the original track into a new genre.

Nirvana in bigband style? Listen to Paul Anka singing Smells Like Teen Spirit

Joy Division with a chill accoustic treatment? Try Nouvelle Vague doing Love will tear us apart

Radiohead as funk? Get your head round Mark Ronson’s version of Just

White Stripes as Jazz Funk? Gotta be Joss Stone doing Fell in love with a boy.