Hunt the Christmas present

I’ve left it late and have no one to blame but myself. The consequences are clear, unavoidable and painful; I have to go shopping with all the other poor procrastinating souls.

We’ll all be like fish on bicycles in shops that are just not designed for men. But I have a plan. It involves been ruthlessly organised which is a state somewhat contrary to the one that got me here in the first place. It involves writing a list of items and detailing a shop name against each one. Next, a route between the shops needs arranging, that way, you minimise the time needed. Efficient, clean shopping, no blood spilled. At least, not mine.

And what if an item is not available in a given shop? It’s never bought and never ticked off the list. Dangerous activities such as “browsing” and “window shopping” are absolutely out of the question. It does mean that each name on my shopping list has more than one item against it, just-in-case somethings not available. That requires more thinking or detective work for sure, that’s just my tough luck.

Wish me luck, I’m about to go out there.